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Bach B Minor Mass

All Saints' Church, Eastbourne, June 2022

Unfortunately our concert could not be reviewed this time but this is what our audience thought.......

"Best concert yet - a triumph." 

'We are so glad we didn't miss this - glorious in every way.'

'What a triumph!! Well done! 

Superb singing of a very difficult work with some very moving sections,  particularly the Cruxifixus and Credo, but really all superb.

Hope your descent from Cloud Nine isn't too hard - you must be very elated.

Thanks to you all for a very  enriching evening.'

"I was buzzing afterwards - the best concert I've ever been to."

Bach B Minor Poster Portrait.JPG

'The Bach B Minor was in our view, a musical triumph.  The way that you used the soloists to reinforce the choir added to the excellent singing of the latter, and everyone's diction was excellent.  I have rarely been so moved at a performance. Well done!'


Phoenix Choir


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