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Covid Secure Measures for Phoenix Rehearsals

By adopting the following measures it is our aim that:


  • No-one who is knowingly infectious attends rehearsals

  • If someone who is knowingly infectious attends, no-one else becomes infected from that person.


The committee will do whatever is realistic and manageable to ensure the rehearsal venue is Covid-safe but much of what we can do is down to personal responsibility and consideration for our fellow singers.



  • DO NOT come to rehearsal if you are feeling at all unwell.

  • If you develop symptoms of Covid in the days after attending a rehearsal please:

    • Do a lateral flow test and /or a PCR test to confirm whether you have Covid as soon as possible

    • Inform Philip Hamlin, our designated contact:  immediately. He will email the membership to advise them of the risk but will NOT tell them who has tested positive. If, as one of the other choir members, you are double-vaccinated (and have received your booster)  it is up to you if you choose to self-isolate. You can take a Lateral Flow test after two days for your own reassurance. 


Optional: Lateral Flow Tests:

        For added reassurance for all choir members, are welcome to do a Lateral Flow Test on the day of the rehearsal.                                    If you test positive  you should then get a PCR test, NOT attend the rehearsal and inform Phil.


Pinch Points:  

  • The Membership Secretary will tick members in on the register as they arrive. If you know you will be away for a particular  rehearsal in the future please inform her in advance. It will save her checking on why you are absent. 

  • Please allow a safe distance if queuing whether to enter the church, for tea/coffee etc.

  • To avoid pinch points there will be a one way system from the hall into the entrance hall/cloakroom. (An ‘In’ door and and ‘OUT’ door.)


  • The doors into church will be kept open to aid ventilation. The heating will be on but please dress warmly or bring layers to stay warm.

  • Some movement during the interval is encouraged to prevent areas of stagnant air from developing.


  •  The assumption is that we will not be singing in masks or face shields, although this is down to personal preference.  It is      actually safer not to wear masks than to keep putting them on/taking them off or adjusting them.

Social Distancing:

  • Chairs will be spaced out a chair’s breadth apart and not facing each other wherever possible. You are welcome to move further away if you prefer but you may not be as close to your section. 

  • There will not be social distancing as such – but all members are asked to respect and observe safe distancing around others, especially when moving around the hall and talking to others.

Hygiene / Contact:

  • Although we will provide a bottle of antibacterial gel near contact points we ask that members provide and use their own gel upon arrival, before visiting the toilets and the tea/coffee hatch. Needless to say we would expect everyone to wash their hands thoroughly after visiting the toilets.

  • Chairs will not be cleaned before use but antibacterial spray and paper towelling will be provided if you wish to clean your chair. Likewise for when you have finished with your chair at the end of the evening.

  • We suggest you do not share music, pencils, stands etc.

  • Teas and coffees will be available at the back of the church and disposable (recyclable and biodegradable) cups will be used at tea breaks .   

Updated: October 2021.

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