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Feel the Spirit

The great heritage of the African-American spiritual has fired the imagination of composers, performers, and audiences for more than 100 years. Each generation has produced interpretations of many kinds, yet, curiously, few composers have combined the resources of soloist, choir, and orchestra. John Rutter was inspired by the vocal artistry of Melanie Marshall to build a set of spirituals crafted to her personal style, partnered by choir, with the orchestra to supply a further dimension of colour and emotional depth.

After their much acclaimed performance of Bach’s St Matthew Passion in February, Phoenix Choir is now enjoying rehearsals for Gioachino Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle in preparation for their summer concert on 9th June. Their St Matthew Passion was praised for keeping the audience fully engaged throughout and was described as a ‘wonderfully, deeply moving event’.

Although this programme has a completely different feel, there is a common thread with Rossini also bringing opera to a sacred work. Rossini wrote his mass with a serious underlying purpose in mind and yet those familiar with the Petite Messe Solennelle will know that it is neither small nor solemn but is a sacred mass in a distinctly operatic style.  That said, much to the relief of the choir (but perhaps the disappointment of some) the choir will be performing in their usual summer concert dress and not as pictured last week!

It is little wonder that Rossini dominated the opera scene during the first half of the 19th century. His music ‘puts a spring in your step with its vitality, untroubled spirit and inexhaustible flow of melody’.  The many benefits to mind and body of singing together with others are now widely accepted. Certainly Rossini is a good tonic. Members of the choir are thoroughly enjoying rehearsals. As one member said – “they are such a joy!”  

With his masterful use of  pace, rhythm, dynamics, rich harmonies and melody Rossini builds colour, drama and intensity into the piece – a display of musical joie de vivre that can’t help but have us tapping our feet and humming tunes afterwards. The instrumental Preludio Religioso and the fugal sections offer a rare glimpse of a more serious and academic Rossini.  

There is still time to join the choir in singing this beautiful and hugely enjoyable work. The choir is always pleased to greet new members and is known for its fun, friendly and purposeful rehearsals.   Phone Fiona Evans (Chair) on 01323 506921 for more details and to ensure you’re welcomed at the door or just come along to a rehearsal. Rehearsals: Wednesday evenings 7.30 -9.30 pm in All Saints’ Church Hall, Grange Road, Eastbourne. More details are available on the website –

New Season 2018-19

This season promises to be an indulgent one as the choir performs two of the best –loved and contrasting requiems of the choral repertoire – those of Fauré and Mozart.

Mozart’s Requiem is widely regarded as a choral masterpiece and the finest requiem of its time. Mozart was known for working within the conventions of the day – in this case music for the Catholic Liturgy – as well as cleverly incorporating elements from others’ compositions. This requiem also introduced a shift in the genre. It was the first where melodic, rhythmic and instrumental techniques were deliberately used for emotional effect.  The requiem became the genre whereby a composer could display the breadth of their rhetorical technique.

However, many will know that the requiem was shrouded in mystery – it was an anonymous commission from a ‘grey stranger’ who visited Mozart’s home after dark one night and paid for up front for the composition.  Mozart was gravely ill at the time and died leaving a sizeable portion of the requiem still to write. It is now known that the piece was commissioned by Count Franz von Walsegg-Stuppach who had a reputation for claiming other’s music as his own. Mozart’s wife was worried that if the commission was not completed by Mozart the payment would have to be returned. She secretly arranged for the piece to be finished. Much mythology grew around who exactly had finished the requiem and how exactly they’d done it. It is thought that one of Mozart’s friends and students completed the piece using notes and guidance left by Mozart and his own personal observations. It was Beethoven who said: ‘If Mozart did not write the music, then the man who wrote it was a Mozart.’    It was several years after his death before the Count would credit Mozart with masterminding the piece.   Parts of the requiem were played at Mozart’s own funeral and after it was performed some years later, it quickly became popular as a concert piece suitable for the memorials of the great and famous, including Beethoven and Napoleon. It has held an iconic place in history ever since.

Composed some 100 years later, Fauré’s Requiem is unlike many in that Gabriel Fauré was seen as somewhat of a religious ‘sceptic’ and so the tone is quite different to those written by his contemporaries. Instead of a sombre, morbid piece we are presented with a calm and tranquil one that focuses more on the supposedly restful and fear-free nature of death.   Fauré himself said that he wanted to write something different which reflected how he viewed death - “a happy deliverance, an aspiration towards happiness above, rather than as a painful experience. “  The Fauré will be an extra performance – a special concert on 11th November itself to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. Singers from across Eastbourne and surrounding areas are warmly welcomed to join Phoenix for this special concert. Rehearsals for the Fauré will begin in October.

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Jon who is diabetic with his owner Ralph!

Jon and Ralph attended our performance of Bach's St. Matthew Passion to highlight the vital work of the charity. 

This season promises to be an indulgent one as the choir performs two of the best–loved and contrasting requiems of the choral repertoire – those of Fauré and Mozart. 

Sing and Discover Day

Mass in B Minor

Johann Sebastian Bach

6th June 2020 

All Saints' Church, Grange Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4HE

Details to follow. 

Monteverdi poster 2.JPG

'Phoenix Choir

succeeds magically

in Monteverdi’s Vespers'

To find out more click here......

After enjoying a triumphant and uplifting evening of music with friends and guests at its recent concert, Phoenix is delighted to announce its plans for the coming season.   


Maurice Duruflé
3rd February 2024  
All Saints' Church, Grange Road,
Eastbourne, BN21 4HE

Phoenix is a friendly choir under the expert guidance of musical director Michael Fields. 

                              Praised by critics for its warm and balanced sound, clear diction and dynamic contrasts,                                                                  the Phoenix Choir’s concerts are among the most exciting and eagerly anticipated                                         musical events in Eastbourne's cultural life.


In advance: £12 (£6.50 forstudents/under18's)

available from the TIO,,            Reid & Dean Estate Agent, Cornfield Road or

On the door: £15 (half price for students/under18's) . 


                   Wednesday evenings 7.30 – 9.30pm                      All Saints' Church Hall, Grange Road, 

  Eastbourne, East Sussex  BN21 4HE.
               NB: the church is on the crossroads of Carlisle Road and                   Grange Road and not where the postcode would suggest.  
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Sing and Discover Day

Mass in B Minor

Johann Sebastian Bach

6th June 2020 

All Saints' Church, Grange Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4HE

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Join Phoenix Choir together with the Fletching Singers for an evening of soulful melodies and swinging rhythms that are sure to lift your spirit. John Rutter’s Feel the Spirit is a collection of familiar Gospel songs brought together and given new life to take you on a journey with great energy and expressive harmonies. Michael Fields’ Midsummer Mass has the traditional mass at its heart and masterfully draws upon music spanning time and genres for its inspiration.  Soloists Ansy Boothroyd and Lindsay Richardson will make a welcome return after their performances earlier in the year in the Mozart Requiem. Award winning Nigel Richards, whose performances are a rare treat here in Eastbourne and not to be missed, completes the ensemble.  As an added bonus and in keeping with the Phoenix tradition of nurturing young talent, Sam Ives will debut his own composition for strings.   

For safety's sake as we are singing we advise waiting until Day 10 or after before returning to rehearsals. 

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year filled with the joys of making music together.

 At Phoenix everyone  is really enjoying being back together and singing once again.  Our rehearsals are running according to  current guidance on amateur choral singing during the pandemic.

Covid Measures Policy

New members are warmly welcomed.

Our aim is to grant wishes to children up to the age of eighteen, and their families, who have, or have had, cancer and who primarily live in East Sussex, Brighton and Hove. Wishes can be practical, medical or fun and made to individual families as well as supporting a group together by giving them quality family time. We can also support local hospitals and community nurses who assist in the care of the children under our remit.

We are a small charity and we know the small things in life are what matters. We leave the ‘Meet a Star’ or medical research to the charities best placed to do that. We know what can made a day to day difference to a family with a child with cancer. Buying a parking permit or replacing a school uniforms is what we help facilitate ensuring families can focus on what’s truly important – their children.


Baroque pic.jpg

This season brings a rare opportunity for Eastbourne as the choir performs the iconic and much celebrated Monteverdi Vespers of 1610.

Claudio Monteverdi is widely regarded as the most powerful and visionary figure in music history such was his influence on opera and orchestral writing. Like many great composers he began writing whilst still a child and quickly mastered the music traditions of the day before going on to revolutionise them. Through personal tragedy music became an outlet which drove his genius to great heights.  His Vespers became a ‘melting pot’ of his ideas and techniques the like of which was unprecedented and has been described as:

‘an absolute epic masterpiece………church music on an operatic scale. From fanfares, arias and trios to instrumental interludes and amazing choruses.’

In keeping with the Musical Director’s modus operandi, the work will remain faithful to Monteverdi’s original version but with the Michael Fields ‘touch’ to bring the piece to life for singers and audience alike. 


Internationally renowned Evelyn Tubb, patron of  Phoenix choir, is delighted to be leading the stellar cast of soloists and period musicians.

1st February 2020  7.30pm

Vespers of 1610

1st February 2020  7.30pm                                                   All Saints' Church, Grange Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4HE

Tickets £16 in advance (half price for students/under18's)

Available  from the TIO,, Reid & Dean Estate Agent, Cornfield Road

£18 on the door on the night. 

Claudio Monteverdi

What we do

We make sure we’re offering the best information, advice and resources for everyone. Macmillan’s research helps us, and others, understand the needs and experiences of people affected by cancer, to develop and influence better care and services. We find out what matters to people affected by cancer, and fight for the best deal. We help shape policies and work with the government to improve lives. Macmillan offers a range of free courses, workshops and e-learning for people affected by cancer, including carers, family members, volunteers and community members. In 2018 we estimate 1.9m people received in-depth, personal support from our Macmillan professionals or services.

We take the time to understand you as a person, so that we can provide the support, tools and inspiration you need to find your best way through. We do it like this because we understand everyone's cancer journey is unique. We're here to help you live life as fully as you can, by providing physical, financial and emotional support.

Physical cancer support

Cancer and treatment can have a big impact on your body. So it’s important to look after your physical well-being. We’re right here to help. We can explain treatment options, help with side effects and give you the support you need to eat healthily and keep active.

Emotional cancer support

Having cancer can make you feel all sorts of emotions. It’s natural to be upset and anxious, even angry. And this can be hard on your personal relationships. We understand and we’re right here with support, information, our Online Community and someone to just listen if you need to talk.

Financial cancer support

If cancer makes money a worry we’re here for you. Our advisers can help if you’re finding it hard to pay the bills or cover extra costs like getting to hospital. We’re also here if cancer causes problems at work or if you need help with claiming benefits.

Season Dates 2019/20:

Winter Season:

Wednesdays 4th September -  29th January

Monteverdi Workshop Saturday 14th September

Book Sale: Weds 16th October                                               

Phoenix Hydro Afternoon Tea: Sunday 17th November

Carolling Events  in December:

         Hawthorns Retirement Home: Friday 13th at 4.30pm

         Beacon Shopping Centre in aid of Macmillan Support:                                                    Saturday 14th at 10am

         Harry Ramsden's: Saturday 14th at midday

         Eastbourne DGH (foyer): Wednesday 18th at 6.30pm

         Congress Theatre foyer for Children With Cancer Fund:

                                Sunday 22nd at 5pm approx.

         Cumberland Hotel: Monday 23rd at 6.15pm

Christmas break: Weds 18th - 1st January

Extended Rehearsal: Saturday 11th January

Concert date : Saturday 1st February

(including afternoon rehearsal)

Social: Wednesday 5th February~Fish & Chip Supper


Summer Season:

Wednesday 19th February - Wednesday 10th June

Phoenix Pomodoro Meal: March/early April tba

Easter Break: Wednesday 15th April tbc

Book Sale: Wednesday 1st April

Phoenix Sunday Lunch: 17th May

Come and Sing Day~Bach Mass in B Minor: Saturday 6th June

A.G.M. and Social: Wednesday 10th June

Bach Flier 11th June date website.JPG

Phoenix is pleased to have raised £352.40
    in their concert retiring collection for      St Wilfrid's Hospice 

St Wilfrid’s provides support for people with any life-limiting illness towards the end of their lives.

We also support their families and carers. This could be in the hospice building, in the person’s own home or a care home.

We are a charity. We are partly funded by the NHS but around 70% of our funding is from donations from the local community. Care is free of charge.

We support adults aged 18+ within our catchment area with any life-limiting illness. People can access our services at any stage of their condition, not just at the very end of their lives. 


Our care services include: 

   For more information visit:

Phoenix Choir


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